Cyber Security

Omega Tech of Louisiana can work with your business to create a strong, secure, multi-layered defense against cyber attacks and malicious threats. We achieve this through "depth defense" strategies. By providing managed antivirus, antimalware protection, hardware and software firewalls, email protection and scanning, as well as a myriad of other security devices, applications, and policies to harden your systems and network, we produce a holistic shield of protection for your business.

When you partner with Omega Tech of Louisiana, we start day one by performing a complete audit of your computer systems, servers, networks, and internet interface with your company. We identify all vulnerabilities and present a comprehensive plan that addresses and eliminates those weaknesses. We then begin the process of mitigating all vulnerabilities in priority of threat risk. Once all vulnerabilities have been addressed, we perform the audit a second time to ensure that your organization is fully protected. 

But our security risk management doesn't stop there. Omega Tech of Louisiana will perform a security audit on your organization quarterly to find new weaknesses and address them, keeping your users, your data, and your company protected all year long.

This is just another way Omega Tech of Louisiana will be the last technology company your business will ever need.